Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yes, I know, I always post pictures but rarely write! Ok, this is me, trying. Nathan and I are just relaxing today. We had church this morning...talked to the kids about the book of Psalms in Sunday School. Makes me so thankful that God is ok with us 'emotional beings'. After all if He called David a 'man after his own heart' and David had MAJOR mood I MUST be ok too! Ha! I have been experiencing those mood swings a lot lately. I also have been fighting a cold and Im sure (as my momma has always said) that those two go hand in hand! I miss my family and friends. Not so very long ago we were in Salem with everyone and though it was a quick trip, I enjoyed it! Lots of hugs to go around. There is a shortage of hugging here. Poor Nathan is the only one to fill my daily quota...well, ok, I don't think he is too upset about that!


Sarah said...

We miss you too, sniff! Can't wait to see you in July.

Sarah said...

I miss you! You need to post more pictures, I miss seeing you guys :(