Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ocean Life Love

Some new prints I have been working on for awhile. I will be putting these up on my etsy shop in the next week. Just thought it would be fun to do a sea life series. Which one is your favorite?


Tiffany said...

Hey, just came here from your etsy shop... was thinking I want to buy that super cute embroidery pattern..but I had a few questions:

1) Is the pattern just a black & white copy? Is there anyway I could get a PDF version instead of a hard copy?

2) Would love a page with text/words/phrases etc. ... especially "fragile" like the necklace you have.

oooh... and shapes like your four sewing machines, dress form, four different guns (, etc.

(still talking about embroidery patterns)

:) hope to hear from you soon!

Punkscrapper said...

Tiffany, Im trying to get my hands on some pdf software right now so that I can offer that instead of the hard copies. I will let you know how that goes...I should have it figured out by the beginning of the week or so. Is that mainly what you are interested in...not so much hardcopy? Once I have that figured out I would be more than willing to make all of your requests into patterns! You have fun ideas! I will work on your patterns in the mean time and again keep you updated on the pdf stuff.