Monday, February 23, 2009

Its Monday

colored briefs
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Today I need to catch up on some emailing...eek. Right now Nathan is at an interview for a state job (fingers crossed) it has great pay and benefits and it would be super for him as it has something to do with kids going through transitional periods...or something...whatever that means. Im thinking its for troubled or less fortunate youth???? Anyway, it would be cool as an in-between-things job for him. Its raining...I used to hate the rain but after living in CA for so really is becoming something I find relaxing! I still reserve the right to detract that in a month or two when the sun hasn't been visible for months...
Just some random things for a random day.

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Sarah said...

tee hee, i love the rain :] when i was a kid it meant i didn't have to go outside and work!