Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Daily Inspiration

I thought that today I would do a post listing a bunch of people, blogs, sites that supply me with a heaping dose of daily inspiration! So here goes...

This lady is pretty much amazing and someday I am totally going to have her design and help me set up my blog/website...

And this girl is just pretty much downright incredible and a constant source of inspiration! Someday Im going to visit her store...someday!

And then there is this lady who is my sunshine and bestestest friend in the whole wide world. She gives me great ideas and lets me try out all kinds of fun new designs on her! I love you so much my friend, you are the greatest!

This chic is super creative and has the coolest hair in the whole wide world...not to mention she has a kick-butt screen name! AND she has the most incredible tattoos in the whole world! She is beautiful too and I tried to post a pic...but having some special-needs issues with my laptop today!...ok, I have special needs everyday. sigh.

And my husband ... what can I say? he is a constant encouragement to me in my creating. Always supportive and my sweet love! Without his friendship and love...I would have a constantly empty creativity tank.

Ok, my list is getting lengthy so I think this post will have to turn into an on-going thing! But here is the first taste of the people I look to for inspiration and beauty! Im so thankful for them!


Freckled Nest said...

thanks Friendy! mwah!

Sarah said...

tee hee, thanks friend! :]