Saturday, June 6, 2009

my back

my back
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Im itching to get another tattoo, its terrible! I have to wait a while still due to lack of funds but it's becoming difficult to ignore the call of the needle!
the star on my neck is from several years ago, one of our friends did it. the same friend did the cherries and my best friend sarah has a matching set on her leg (which looks hot when she wears heels and skirts! the sparrow is by Kevin at Kevin's tats here in Oregon. my dearest sis-in-law (and friend) got a matching one which makes it super special too! hers is on her side and its awesome! each of my tattoos has a special meaning to me...they represent special memories and people in my life as well as a connection to those who were present or who also got a matching tat. They are part of me!
I can't wait to get more!

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