Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Halloween is Creeping up on us!

Skeleton's coffee cozy
Originally uploaded by punkscrapper
Im so very excited for Fall this year! I love being able to bundle in sweaters and cozy slippers! AND I love the holidays that the Fall season rushes in.... first and favorite on my list is Halloween! I am a little girl at heart and playing 'dress-up' has always been my favorite so Halloween is the perfect excuse for my inner child to escape! All of this in mind, I have been busy making a load of Halloween and Fall inspired coffee and glasses cozies! Im going to try to take a bunch to a local Farmers Market but also Im listing them in my etsy shop this afternoon! Come and see the fun and creepy new cozies I have crafted!

*Oh! AND any of you chai drinkers out there, I ordered my first Fall type drink the other morning and you have to try it...
Starbucks Chai (order it dry or 'no water' for yummiest taste) with their pumpkin spice flavoring stirred in! Its sooooooooo good!


Sarah said...

O.M.G. i freaking looooove this.

Burning Moon said...

Adorable cozy,love the color