Thursday, February 4, 2010

Geekery Love Valentines

New in my etsy shop.

Its hard to believe that Valentines Day is already here... where do the holidays go? I think I get too busy to fully enjoy Christmas every year and before I know it it's gone! BUT I am excited that Spring is coming...and with it all of the pretty colors and fresh smells! And my birthday...which usually I am selfishly ecstatic about but this year is my 30th and Im a little bit nervous. I feel so old and yet I don't feel 30 at all. Aren't you supposed to be grown up and serious at 30? Have everything figured out? Have all the answers? Hmmm... not that I want to be a boring, philosophical, pipe smoking adult (ok pipes DO look kinda cool) mind you, but sometimes I still feel like a lost little kid. I don't have the answers to most questions... and definitely do NOT have everything figured out! I have a pretty good feeling that I never will! BUT I do like drawing robots and underwear...and other such silliness, so I will stick to what I do know. Anyway... Valentines, in my shop... take a look if you want something fun and light hearted to focus on today!

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