Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Traditional Tattoo Pet Portraits

Sneak peek on what I have been working on recently. Im going to be posting custom traditional tattoo pet portraits to my etsy shop! Inspired by a little game that Nathan and I play...yes we are dorks...we like to think of what tattoo our kitties would each be! Bean is our little diva and thinks she can get away with everything so she is our little naughty mermaid. Bone is a funny little squish face and we dressed him up like a sailor one halloween (I told you, we're dorks!) and so we decided he would be our little ahoy boy. Peeve is crazy...we really wonder if there is a kitty schitzophrenia and if so a med we could put him on! So we decided he would be a little gamblin' man who throws all caution to the wind...all of the time! Sinatra has been a brave kitty during his life, weathering abandonment and being homeless for awhile...he is our Indian Brave.
What kind of tattoo would your pet be?


A Fire Fighter Wifey said...

is there a chance that you might be moving on to dogs too?

Punkscrapper said...

Im up for doing any type of pet portrait! We just have cats in our house so all of my examples are of the feline persuasion!

A Fire Fighter Wifey said...

we are about to have a litter of dalmatain puppies here this week, i was thinking about how cute it would be to have some of them done.