Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthdays to us!

Happy Birthdays to us!
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Nathan and I finally got our bday tattoos this last weekend! Im sooo pleased with how they turned out! I will take some better pictures this week to post. Nathan's chain actually winds around his forearm and ends with a bolt at his elbow pit. It is amazing!

I was 'tagged' by 'A Fire Fighter Wifey' this last weekend... It's an 'honest scrap' award which means I have to share 10 honest things about here goes...

1. Im a fearful person.who makes worrying an art form..always have been. It tough for me to take leaps of faith...painfully tough!

2. I love tattoos...this isn't really a secret but as Im a pretty TMI type of person Im struggling to think of things that people might not already know about me. I just got my 10th tattoo and Im not finished yet!!!

3. Im not political...AT ALL...I mean I have my strong beliefs and I know what I like and don't like...but Im not a debater...I don't find political conversations enjoyable or stimulating. I one is going to convince me out of my stands and Im not going to succeed in convincing anyone out of theirs!

4. I am a shop-a-holic... seriously. I love to go shopping, I can pretty much drop anything at anytime to shop. I can shop for hours...yes literally ALL day! I love it! There is something so liberating about a successful day of shopping. Its invigorating. It's definitely my 'drug' of choice! (this is precisely why Im not allowed to carry credit cards!)

5. I have an obsession with clothes, shoes and makeup/nailpolih...this one goes along with #4. I have wayyyy too many pairs of shoes and yet somehow I still have trouble finding just the right pair of heels to go with an outfit...thus creating the need to buy more...more wedges, heels, ballet flats, sandals and grandpa slippers! I must constantly go through my clothes and fill goodwill bags so that I can make room for new and much cuter items! My most favorite makeup of all time is MAC, I would love to have every color they have ever made...and I heart nailpolish so much that its a little upsetting! Sigh...all this honesty makes me wanna go to the mall!

6. Im a crazy cat lady. My husband and I have four adorable fluffs and I beg for more every time we see the cats for adoption at the local petsmart! I have always loved animals, cats especially, and I have always felt the need to 'rescue' all of them! When I was little I picked out the scrawniest, sickliest, least likely to survive kitten to take home! Ha!

7. (and this one is for my friend Sarah...) I have an unhealthy love for coffee mugs and tea cups... I have an entire cupboard FULL of mugs/cups and I still continue to see others that are too cute to pass up. I could easily have coffee in a clean cup every morning for at least a month without having to wash any cups. Its sad.

8. I can't/don't cook for anything. Seriously. I have burned rice, and ruined speghetti noodles. I have botched angel food cake and vanilla frosting. Im doing well to get cereal right. I consider those ready to go meal packages from the frozen section 'cooking'. I even can manage to screw those up! Bless my husband for being understanding of this! He does most of the cooking and doesn't complain...though I see that blissful look in his eye when his mom comes to visit and does the cooking!

9. I hate driving. HATE it. I choose not to drive whenever possible...which recently has been often since we have only one car and I work at home! I don't feel confident in my driving...there is too much multi tasking required and my attention span isn't always I figure Im saving everyone from frustration and danger!

10. I cry at movies...all the time and not just the sad ones...cartoons, comedies...I even cried when I watched 'Angus'... hmmm...

There you go! Enjoy your Monday!


Sarah said...

hee hee. that was fun.
and hey! i let you buy a coffee mug the other day. i say one a year isn't bad.
love you!
ps - i looooove the tattoos. that's what nate is getting me for my bday. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Punkscrapper said...

EEEEE! I wanna go along with you for your tattoo! Its the very best bday gift in the world, I think! Yes, Im so grateful that you allowed me my beautiful new mug, its my new favorite!!! I love you too!