Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halloween costume for Sarah

So my friend Sarah wants to be a sweet little Indian girl this Halloween.  She asked for some ideas and I turned to trusty ol' etsy and found some cute stuff!
Here goes...

this cute little leather vest
by lightandcrown
a sweet little tent mini
by feathersandsmoke
or this cute little embroidered mini
by stuckonvintage
feather dangle earrings
by cosmobeets
a sweet leather and feather head band
by hapitat
long turquoise necklace
by bellabeadsoriginals
or a rad wrap around turquoise bead bracelet
by glassali
super cute tall moccasin boots
by bruklynbelle
or a cute low top pair
by vjones1

there...just a few sweet ideas to make the cutest little Indian girl costumes ever!

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