Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Red Riding Hood costume ideas

Ideas from etsy for charming little Red Riding Hood costumes and maybe an occassional Big Bad Wolf!

try this super cute little dress/cape combo...
by Loverdoversclothing

or use this sweet crochet pattern to make your own cape and/or hat...
by WeeBeeUniques

add a bit of kitsch charm with this ponytail set...
by breadandbuttons

these uber cute vintage heels will make the costume and you can wear them afterwards...
by TheVintageBoutique66

need to make some shoe boes, headband or other last minute costume accessory...this fabric is perfect!
by karaku

want to go for a less sweet version...this little vintage leather skirt would be perfect with tights and boots!
by jypsyecult

pair this with the above skirt...a smidge of cute with the sexy...or if you are just wanting something sweet for the season!
by emandsprout

This necklace is a perfect last minute touch...
by sweetheartsinner

prefer the villain of the story?  this sweet hat/mittens set is for you!
by katnfiddle

Try this vintage fur coat for a sultry little wolf costume...
by streeturchinvintage

pair the above coat with these hair clips for a perfect costume!
by SaurianStudios

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