Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Frilly Dressy Socks DIY

I have been having theeee hardest time finding dressy, cute, frilly socks to wear with platform sandals and wedge heels.  It seems like no matter where I look, I find boring white-only with some plain white lace socks.  I want different colors and lengths and textures and frills, darn it!  When I do find something cool, it's usually online which means waiting for the shipping (patience has never been my best trait) or the price is more than my frugal little heart can justify paying (no matter how tempted it may be...).  So the other day I was lamenting these truths and thought "I wish I could just make myself some fun frilly socks...hmmm..."  So without further wordy explanation...

Before you begin, find any tights that you no longer wear or maybe some that have snags on the upper leg.  Or you can go out and search clearance sections for end of season tights in fun colors, textures and patterns!
Next, grab your scissors and sewing kit!  Decide if you are wanting knee highs, thigh highs, anklets, or cuffed socks! 
Now, pick out something pretty!

Grab your sewing kit!

Keep sewing!

and voila! super cute dressy socks!

Its really easy and fast and a great way to spruce up your outfits this coming season! I would love to see pictures if anyone decides to give this project a whirl!