Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wes and Beth's guest tree

The Guest 'book'

For Beth and Wesleys wedding, Beth wanted to stick with the nature/bird theme and also wanted something that could be displayed in their home.  We saw a lot of cute ideas online, including this tree idea!  There are a ton of variations on the tree but I went with my own style and drew a weathered looking redwood-ish tree.  Then we bought ink pads in blues, browns and greens (wedding colors) for guests to put their fingerprints on the branches.  We also had art pens available so they could add a small signature or initials under the 'leaf' print.  I included a banner underneath with their date as well as their initials carved in the tree.  This was a fun project and I really like how it turned out, plus guests really seemed to have fun with it!  We included individually wrapped wipes at the table too, so ink could be cleaned off fingers : )

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