Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My parents

Recently we took a trip to Northern CA (Nathan's old stomping grounds) and my parents came along with us (we have been trying to get them to go with us for the last 12 years)!  It was so much fun to watch them soak up all of the beautiful scenery and fascinating places.  Among the spots we wandered were Ferndale, Fort Bragg (Glass Beach) and Mendocino (where much of Murder she Wrote was filmed...yes I do realize Im like a little old lady!).  We wandered in the Redwood Forest by Humbolt State University and snapped pictures of the Trilliums in bloom.  We stayed with Nathan's parents and it was cute to watch my parents chat away with them.  My mom started her mornings by counting the salamanders in the back pond and marked the afternoon by checking the front yard for lizards!  On the way back to Oregon we stopped at some of the tourist traps including The Trees of Mystery, where my dad gave kudos to Babe's manhood  : ) heh, heh.  We even found a little side stop burl shop where my Dad bought us living burls and Nathan bought me a hand carved sea captain! All in all I think my parents travel rather well and I hope we can take them with us again sometime!

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