Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meet our furry friends: Bean

Bean by punkscrapper
Bean, a photo by punkscrapper on Flickr.

This is Bean. She is our larger than life, 16 pound girl. Bean was the first kitty we adopted together and Nathan's first kitty ever! They are best friends and Bean loves to get Nathan's attention any way she can...usually by being naughty. Bean believes, as the only girl kitty in our home, that she is in charge. She likes to throw her weight around, literally. She has been known to flop, bottom first at and on the other kitties. Keeping in mind her personal hygiene leaves much to be desired, the other kitties do not always appreciate her methods : ) Some of Bean's favorite passtimes (aside from eating) are being naughty, Bean slapping the other kitties when they aren't looking, snuggling the other kitties as well as her humans and playing dress up. Bean is sure that you are happy to have the honor of meeting her.

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