Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meet our furry friends: Sinatra

Sinatra by punkscrapper
Sinatra, a photo by punkscrapper on Flickr.

This handsome kitty found us several years ago...apparently abandoned by previous owners he had fashioned a make-shift shelter under our work building. We kept hearing meows and when we went and called 'kitty-kitty' he came running. He was soooo skinny and hungry, my mom was visiting for lunch and she gave him some chicken noodle soup and he ate ALL of it, noodles, meat and broth! He had a broken tail and the Salem Friends of Felines took him in and cared for him, having an emergency tail amputation done by a local vet! They were so kind to keep us informed and allow us to adopt him back after he recovered! Sinatra is a kind soul, he and Peeve have run-ins but mostly due to Peeve's paranoia. Bean and Sinatra have an ongoing love/hate relationship...often cringing at the sight or smell of each other ... often fighting (usually due to Bean annoying Sinatra until he finally swats at her, then she makes a fuss and Peeve comes running) but also we have caught the two of them snuggled lovingly when no one is looking. Sinatra plays fetch just like a puppy with his favorite catnip mice, LOVES treat time (he tells us about 1/2 hour to an hour early that treats are due) and he loves to snuggle on my fact often when Im trying to work, he pushes his way in and takes his place. He is a love and is glad to meet you and wonders if you have any treats for him?!

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