Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meet our furry friends: Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones by punkscrapper
Mr. Bones, a photo by punkscrapper on Flickr.
This is Mr. Bones or just 'Bone' to his closest friends. He is shy and easily frightened. He spends a great deal of time under beds, and tucked in other small hidden places. He is stinky...we aren't sure why...perhaps his nerves go beyond just hiding...we think he may have a natural fear response of stink. : ) Whatever it is, he often smells gassy...but we love him anyway even with his smell. Some of Mr. Bone's favorite activities (aside from hiding) are sitting by the screen door, staring out of windows and play/fighting with Peeve (one of our other kitties). He is happy to meet you all...but prefers to keep his distance and wishes we would too! : )

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