Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meet our furry friends: Peeve

Peeve by punkscrapper
Peeve, a photo by punkscrapper on Flickr.

This is Peeve. Nathan named him 'Peeve' because he thought it would be cool to have a 'pet peeve' ... get it?! heh, heh.
Peeve is the extreme! Often he 'forgets' who the other kitties are in our home and has to stalk them, attack them, smell them...perhaps attack again...maybe several times before he finally realizes that he knows them and then he gives a quick head bonk and trots off. Often he catches a new smell from an open window and becomes jumpy, chasing down Bean or Sinatra blaming them for the foreign scent. Interestingly he rarely takes out his aggression on Mr. Bones. They have a special relationship. Peeve's favorite activities (aside from playing mission impossible and hunting the other kitties) include pulling all of his toys out of the box, searching for plastic, practicing his metal meow and trying to jump and catch bugs through closed windows and glass doors. He is pleased to meet you all but is pretty sure at least half of you are working against him on top secret government cover ups.

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